About the journal

Scientific-technical journal “Monitoring systems of environment”



Founder  and  publisher:  Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Institute of Natural and Technical Systems”  (IPTS).

The journal is registered by Federal service for supervision in sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor), Certificate of state registration of mass media PI № FS77-63023 dated September 10, 2015.

ISSN: 2309-7663.

Articles are published in Russian or English languages, the journal is published four times a year.

The journal is registered in RISC, licence agreement № 80-02/2016  dated 19.02.2016.

The journal is included into the List of reviewed scientific publications in which there should be published the main scientific results of thesis for  scientific degree of a candidate of sciences , for a degree of phD of 12.07.2017 on the following groups of scientific specializations: 03.01.00 – physical-chemical biology; 03.02.00 – general biology; 05.11.00 – instruments’ construction, metrology and informative-measuring devices and systems; 05.13.00 – informatics, computing technics and managing; 05.26.00 – man’s activity safety.

Brief  history

Collection of scientific works  and  then  journal  “Monitoring systems of environment”

is published since 1998.

Over the past period 26 issues were published, including 1271 articles: 20 issues of collection in MHI NASU and 6 issues of journal in IPTS.

Theme of  journal:

 – Technologies of control parameters, processes and fields of  environment;

– Methods and devices for measurement of environmental parameters;

– Information technology and management systems for monitoring of the environment;

– Monitoring of environment;

– Climate research;

– Monitoring of biological systems;

– Ecology of natural resources.

Electronic versions of journal are presented:

since 1999 in Google search engine;

since 2015 in website

The founder of collection of scientific works “Monitoring systems of environment”  was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor  V.A. Gaysky.

The first chief editor of  collection  “Monitoring systems of environment”  was Academician of NASU, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor V.N. Eremeev.

At present  the chief editor  of j ournal  “Monitoring   systems  of  environment”  is  Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor  of  Geographical Sciences, Professor Polonsky A.B.

The procedure of submitting, reviewing and publication of articles sent to editorial office.

All materials submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal are reviewed in accordance with its theme, for their expert evaluation. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on subject of reviewed materials and have publications on peer-reviewed articles for the last 3 years. The reviews are kept in editorial office for 5 years.

The articles are reviewed.  The received article is sent by editors to responsible member of Editorial Board, who sends it for review to a specialist from an approved list; analyzes the got review; inform the author of comments, which can be eliminated; analyzes modified article and presents it and the conclusion to Editorial Board.

The editors of the journal send to the copies of review or a motivated refuse to authors of submissions and also undertake to send to the copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editors of relevant request.


Address of publishing house: 299011,  Sevastopol,  Lenin St., 28,Tel.: +7 (8692) 54-44-10,E-mail: