Maslova V.N. became a participant of the project “Women: Mentoring School”

The second season of the project has started in Russia (broadcast of the launch) Ministry of Education and Science “Women: Mentoring School”.

Our director Veronika Maslova has been invited to the project as a mentor.

The project “Women: Mentoring School” was launched in 2021 and is being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia with the support of the Federation Council.
The aim of the project is to support young women and their inclusion in the professional environment. Within the framework of the project, heads of large companies and heads of organizations act as mentors for young graduates and students.

Participation in the project is an opportunity for students to gain useful experience from their mentor, and for mentors it is an opportunity to share their competencies and knowledge with the younger generation.

According to the organizers, the project is not based on the struggle for women’s rights, but on creating conditions for women’s potential to be realized in a variety of directions. Students have the opportunity to work with female managers in the field of business, science, and politics. Mentors hold a number of regular meetings with their wards, at which they give personal recommendations related to work in a professional environment, personal growth and career development.

During the first season, 100 female students from 63 universities were selected. 77 female leaders from public authorities, state corporations, and public organizations expressed their desire to become mentors.

410 applications from female students and 106 applications from mentors were submitted for participation in the second season of the project, more than 170 higher educational institutions are involved.

The significance of the project increases because it is based on a request from students. The project has the potential to scale, it is planned to develop, including expanding the number of tracks and the target audience. For example, a mentoring project for young people may appear next year.

There will be three tracks in the new season. Director of the Institute of Natural and Technical Systems Veronika Nikolaevna is a mentor in the first track “Science and Technology”. Olga Igorevna Khokhlova, a graduate student of the basic department of IPTS at SevSU, submitted an application to her. Together they plan to develop a project dedicated to the water content of the rivers of the Sevastopol region. Patterns of variability of river flows due to climatic features and cyclonic activity will be established for further forecasting. Based on the results of the project, a scientific publication will be prepared and a report will be made at a scientific conference.

We hope that for Olga this project will give a start to her scientific career, and for Veronika Nikolaevna it will allow her to carry out practical application of her fundamental research of cyclonic activity in the Black Sea-Mediterranean region to solve an important applied and socially significant task of the city of Sevastopol.

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