EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEM for evaluating the capabilities of distributed thermoprophilometers in various applications

Electronic Measuring Rail level meters built on distributed temperature sensors can successfully compete with other meters and similar systems for solving problems in the production, processing, storage and transportation of liquid and bulk products. In some cases, their use has no alternative.

Features of the “Electronic measuring rail”:

– simultaneous control of the level and multiple boundaries of the media partition according to the installation profile;

– simultaneous temperature control over the entire continuous profile;

– the ability to measure the level in the dynamics of the upper filling of the storage (capacity);

– the ability to measure the flow velocity along the profile by the heat exchange coefficient of the sensor sections with the medium (media);

– the possibility of installation in aggressive environments and conditions of mechanical loads is determined only by the characteristics of the outer protective shell of the sensor element (sensor cable).

Basic metrological and technical characteristics

Parameter Meaning
Measurement period, sec 0,5
Cable distance, m до 300
Radio communication range, m 10
Interfaces RS232 / Bluetooth
External power supply ~100-240V 50Hz
Internal power supply 9-15V 0.2A/1A (with PC)


Parameter Range
Measurement base, m 0,5
Temperature at each section of the profile, 0С -2 ÷ 35

(error rate ±0,05)

Accuracy of definition

media interface boundaries, m

0,01 ÷ 0,05

   The developed experimental samples can be tested under various conditions, as well as adapted for a specific task. The preliminary characteristics obtained as a result of the tests will allow us to assess the possibility and feasibility of creating and implementing prototypes of the device for specific applications.