Laboratory of Environmental Economics and Ecology

Laboratory staff:

Matova Natalia Ivanovna – head. laboratory (PhD)

Gudkova Natalia Konstantinovna – art. scientific employee (PhD)

Matova Natalia Ivanovna – art. scientific employee (PhD)

Shcherbina Vitaly Georgievich – art. scientific employee (PhD)

Lev Merabovich Shagarov – scientific employee (PhD)

Gorbunova Tatiana Lvovna – scientific employee

The main results of the research on the topic “Improving the mechanism of environmental management in order to ensure the ecological and economic security of the functioning of the tourism industry” in the following areas:


  1. Analysis of factors and conditions (economic, organizational, institutional) of the transition of regions of recreational and tourist specialization to a model of sustainable development.
  2. The study of the ecological, economic and social consequences of the implementation of large-scale investment projects in the regions of tourist specialization.
  3. Development of proposals for improving the methodology for assessing the impact of economic and other activities on the state of ecosystems and socio-economic conditions of life, improving the mechanism for minimizing the negative effects of environmental management.


  1. A comprehensive analysis of the causes and consequences of the activation of dangerous natural processes to ensure the environmental safety of recreational and tourist areas.
  2. Development of recommendations aimed at preventing environmental and socio-economic losses in the implementation of plans for the development of recreational and tourist areas.


  1. Population-species analysis of fragmented mountain forest ecosystems in the zone of the Black Sea coast of Russia.
  2. Investigation of the dependence of the magnitude of disturbance of forest ecosystems on the degree of their fragmentation.
  3. Determination of the magnitude of the association of fragmentation of forest ecosystems with the degree of synanthropization and adventivization.
  4. Identification of indicator system indicators of environmental safety of natural objects.

Promising areas of laboratory research:

  • Determination of factors and conditions of transition to a “green” economy. Research of mechanisms of ecologization of the tourism industry.
  • Formation of a system of criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of the transition of the tourism industry to the principles of a “green” economy.
  • Development of environmental protection measures for the restoration, reproduction and rehabilitation of anthropogenically transformed ecosystems.
  • Development of mechanisms for the conservation and restoration of unique ecosystems with endemic, relict, rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • Assessment of the ecological potential for the analysis and forecasting of the state of the components of the natural environment, as well as environmental constraints in determining the prospective parameters of the development of urban agglomerations of the Black Sea region.
  • Monitoring of the results of anthropogenic impacts on the state of marine ecosystems.