Polonsky Alexander Borisovich

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD, Professor

Scientific Director of INTS

Head of the Center for the Study of Natural Systems and Climate

    In 1973 he graduated with honors from the Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute with a degree in oceanology. From 1973 to 1976, he worked on assignment in the Hydrographic Service of the KChF in Sevastopol, after which he moved to work at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, at the same time entering the correspondence postgraduate course of the Hydrometeorological Center of the USSR. After graduating from graduate school, A.B.Polonsky defended his PhD thesis in the specialty “geophysics”, and in 1991 – his doctoral dissertation in the specialty “oceanology”. In 1999, he was awarded the title of professor in the specialty “oceanology”. In 2009, he was elected a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in 2016 – a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Thus, A.B.Polonsky has been working in the Academy of Sciences for more than 40 years.

    A.B. Polonsky’s research interests cover such key problems of modern oceanology, geophysical hydrodynamics and climatology as global changes in the natural environment and climate of anthropogenic and natural origin, regional changes in hydrometeorological fields in connection with global climatic processes in the ocean-atmosphere system, global and regional oceanic circulation and water dynamics. A.B. Polonsky is the author and co-author of more than 450 scientific papers published in domestic and foreign publications, including 7 monographs.

    The main results of A.B. Polonsky’s work within the framework of the listed areas of his scientific activity are as follows.

  1. Global changes in the state of the natural environment and climate.

   Within the framework of this direction, A.B. Polonsky studied the relative role of natural and anthropogenic factors determining the variability of the global climate system. He showed the decisive role of the World Ocean in the formation of the observed long-period variability of this system with characteristic scales from 50 to 100 years, studied the influence of various mechanisms of large-scale interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere on the global climate.

  1. Regional changes in hydrometeorological fields in connection with global climatic processes in the ocean-atmosphere system.

    Research in this area mainly concerns the study of regional manifestations of such global climatic phenomena as the El Nino-Southern oscillation, Arctic and North Atlantic oscillations, Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation, Pacific decadal oscillation. It is these processes in the ocean-atmosphere system that form the physical and geographical features of climate change on the globe. A.B.Polonsky showed that Arctic and North Atlantic fluctuations are responsible for the bulk of the dispersion of hydrometeorological characteristics of the Atlantic-European region. At the same time, Pacific phenomena such as El Nino and decadal fluctuations also cause significant changes in the climatic conditions of the European region. The combined influence of these factors leads to the formation of extreme hydrometeorological conditions, including floods and droughts.

  1. Global and regional oceanic circulation and dynamics of the waters of the Black Sea.

    For many years, A.B. Polonsky has been studying the physical and geographical features of the global oceanic circulation responsible for long-period climatic changes on the Globe. For the first time, he described the main features of the circulation of the Tropical Atlantic, which form the meridional heat transfer to the subtropical regions of the North Atlantic, as well as the features of the seasonal cycle of the Equatorial counterflow system in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.. A significant part of the results was obtained by him personally in the process of conducting expeditionary research in these regions of the World Ocean. A.B.Polonsky comprehensively investigated the contribution of synoptic vortices in the ocean to meridional heat transfers. He showed that, despite the intense nature of oceanic vortices in the northern part of the Tropical Atlantic, they do not make a significant contribution to the meridional heat transfer, unlike synoptic vortices in the atmosphere. He was one of the first in the world to discover that the associated fluctuations in the ocean-atmosphere system in the Northern and Tropical Atlantic are responsible for climate changes in the Atlantic-European region with a characteristic time scale of several decades. His works have made a fundamental contribution to the development of parametrization of the upper mixed layer in models of water circulation in the equatorial zone of the World Ocean. A.B. Polonsky has been studying the circulation and dynamics of the waters of the Black Sea for more than 40 years. He was directly involved in numerous expedition studies, the results of which served as the basis for the creation of the Black Sea databases. Based on the formed information arrays, he is currently studying long-period trends in changes in the circulation and structure of the waters of the Black Sea.

   Currently, A.B. Polonsky is the editor-in-chief of the journal “Environmental Control Systems”. Member of the editorial board of the journal “Proceedings of the Hydrometeorological Center”. He was one of the experts in the development of sections of various short-, medium- and long-term oceanographic programs and projects. IPCC expert.

   A.B. Polonsky pays great attention to the training of highly qualified scientific personnel. Under his scientific supervision, 10 PhD theses were prepared and successfully defended. Two of his students became doctors of sciences. Currently, he is the supervisor of five candidates for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, lectures to students of Sevastopol State University. Professor of the Lomonosov Moscow State University branch in Sevastopol.

The main publications of A.B. Polonsky over the past 25 years:

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