Programs for numerical and graphical processing and display of measurement data series

The GAYSKY3D program is designed to construct and output in printed and electronic form graphs, maps, spectra, fields and surfaces of numerical series of measurement data using existing and proprietary mathematical algorithms for interpolation, approximation, filtering and spectral analysis.

The main functions of the program include:

– loading numerical series of text data files;

– construction, interpolation and approximation of graphs of sample two-dimensional data arrays of up to 10 million values with various user interface settings;

– calculation and construction of spectra and periodograms of selected series with reference to real physical quantities;

– interpolation and construction of isolines and three-dimensional surfaces of three-dimensional data arrays with various user interface settings;

– scaling and superposition of the obtained graphs and isolines on maps and geographical coordinates stored in standard format files;

– calculation and output of interpolating coefficients for verification and construction of calibration characteristics of related quantities and measuring channels;

– export of selected and processed numerical series and graphs to text and graphic filesstandard formats (txt/dat/g3d/bmp/jpg/wmf);

– ability to customize the output of graphs for printing.

The program can be used for operational analysis of multidimensional data series, spectral estimation and calibration of meters.