Publishing house

   The history of our publishing house began back in 1991, during the Black Sea ecological expedition on the research vessel “Academician Vernadsky”. Then the leading scientists had the idea to create an enterprise that would organize expeditions and publish scientific literature. And so they did: the Hydrophysical Institute, the Kiev publishing house and the company that is engaged in environmental research, created a joint research and production center.

   The NPC was named “ECOSI-Hydrophysics”, and it took over environmental observations and expertise, information services and publishing. That’s how our publishing house appeared, which has been glorious for 30 years (though not easy!) the way, and we started publishing popular science literature, teaching aids and accidental products.

  The team initially consisted of former employees of the technical documentation department of the Hydrophysical Institute. The business grew: a professional polygraphist came, then a computer section was organized, multiplying, binding and printing sections were allocated. Then a technical editor, experienced printers and even a mechanic joined the work. ECOSI-Hydrophysics employed 25 people, the center was fully equipped with equipment and qualified personnel. We carried out a full cycle of publishing and printing activities: from editing materials and preparing original layouts to making copies of books, magazines and other products.

   Since 1993, the “Marine Hydrophysical Journal”, monographs, collections of scientific papers and other products have been published at their production base. And not only for the alma mater, but also for other scientific and pedagogical institutions of the Crimea. The secret is that due to the workload of third-party orders, the publishing house worked profitably, and this allowed significantly, at times, to reduce the cost for scientific publications.

   With special gratitude, it is necessary to note the invaluable contribution to the creation and long-term successful work of the publishing house, which was made by a veteran of academic science, one of the founders of satellite hydrophysics, winner of the USSR State Prize, Candidate of Technical Sciences, director of the research and production center “Ekosi-Hydrophysics”, scientific editor of the editorial and publishing department of INTS Yuri Vladimirovich Terekhin. The team tries to continue the best traditions laid down by Yuri Vladimirovich and maintain the high standards set by him.

   Over 24 years of work, ECOSI-Hydrophysics has made a great contribution to the popularization of scientific achievements. But not only science! Up to 75% of all fiction and popular literature published in Sevastopol was also published here, including the literary and historical almanac “Sevastopol”, the multi-volume “Sevastopol. Historical novel” and countless author’s books.

   In 2015, the institute and its publishing house were waiting for changes, and we continue our intensive printing work under the name “INTS Publishing Complex”.

   From that moment to this day, we are working on a lot of orders.

   Let’s note some areas:
▪️ author’s books and magazines (for example, the magazine of the Crimean Science Fiction Club “Fandango”, a series of books by Vladimir and Natalia Pivovarov)
▪️ the release of scientific monographs and journals (the journal “Environmental Control Systems” and the multi-volume “History and Archeology of Crimea”)
▪️ other major projects (for example, the almanac “Literary Sevastopol” and pedagogical literature)
▪️of course, the publishing complex performs the entire cycle of work on operational printing

   Since June 1, 2021, the Editorial and Publishing Department has become part of the Information Department.

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