Small-sized submersible STD probe

It is intended for obtaining local or profile measurements in the aquatic environment of the main hydrological indicators (through salinity, temperature and pressure) when probing using a mechanical or manual cable winch, or other media both offline (data logging into internal memory) and in telemetry modes (data transmission to a computer device).

Metrological characteristics

Measured parameter Measuring range Random error Error rate
Hydrostatic pressure, kPa 0 ÷ 20000 0,5 ±10
Water temperature, °С -5  ÷  +35 0,0002 ±0,004
Electrical conductivity, Cm/m 0 ÷ 8,5 0,00005 ±0,001


Technical specifications

Parameter Meaning
Polling period of all channels, sec от 0,03
DC supply voltage range, V 15 ÷ 19
Power consumption, W 1
Overall dimensions of the submersible unit

Diameter, mm

Length, mm



450 /  600

Weight of the submersible unit, kg 3 ÷ 4
Permissible external pressure, MPa

(immersion depth, m)



Autonomy of the operating mode (when powered by the built-in rechargeable battery and standard microSD flash memory 2Gb (without cable cable)), h at least 10