Topics of the state task

The number of threads in the system Parus Topic title The number of the state registration of RTD projects in EGIS
0012-2021-0002 Improvement of the environmental management mechanism to ensure environmental and economic security of the tourism industry 121122300077-8
0012-2021-0003 Fundamental research of processes in the climate system that determine the spatial and temporal variability of the natural environment on a global and regional scale 121122300074-7
0012-2021-0010 Development of new tools and measuring information technologies for natural water research 121122300070-9
0012-2021-0006 Creating a scientific basis for the development of flexible multigenerational installations using renewable energy sources and local cold resources in the context of climate change 121122300068-6
0012-2021-0007 Fundamental and applied research of regularities and mechanisms of formation of regional changes in the natural environment and climate under the influence of global processes in the ocean-atmosphere system and anthropogenic impact 121122300072-3

The tables indicate the current topics of the state task, in accordance with the approved research plan for 2022-2023.