Ecoenergy Laboratory

Head of the laboratory

Andrey Vartazarovich Dologlonyan – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, member of the Commission on Energy Conservation





Matveenko Valery Timofeevich – Chief Researcher

Safonov Vladimir Aleksandrovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Researcher

Klimenko Alexander Georgievich – leading Research Engineer



Conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of energy for the development of local and renewable energy sources, ensuring increased efficiency and environmental safety of existing and prospective thermal and nuclear power plants, including through the use of binary, cogeneration and polygeneration cycles, new working bodies, injection vortex technologies, alternative fuels, including hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide of the Black Sea.
Analysis of the economic, environmental and social efficiency of the widespread introduction of the best available and promising energy-saving technologies, primarily using solar energy, with the aim of import substitution and localization of production in the regions.
Development of modern technologies for desalination of seawater.
Development and implementation of technologies to reduce the negative impact on the environment of existing and prospective transport.
Providing methodological and practical assistance to regional management bodies and enterprises in the implementation of the Laws of the Russian Federation and the Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of improving energy efficiency and the level of environmental safety of regions.
Development of advanced designs and power supply schemes for devices with variable buoyancy for deep-sea research.