Information Department


Beitzer Sergey Sergeevich









Bachina Marina Vladimirovna – publishing house technician

Bernadina Svetlana Alexandrovna – engineer

Granovskaya Ekaterina Vitalievna – publishing house technician

Kasatkina Ekaterina Valerievna – publishing house technician

Svetlana Viktorovna Malakhatko – engineer

Onyshko Alexey Andreevich – Lead Engineer

Popov Alexey Evgenievich – printer technician of the publishing house

Puzanova Lyubov Ivanovna – engineer

Terentyeva Nadezhda Ivanovna – engineer

Trenkenshu Tatiana Alexandrovna – engineer (translator)



  • creation of the external and internal information environment of the organization;
  • providing the organization’s departments and individual employees with specially prepared information necessary for the development of scientific projects;
  • preparation and conduct of scientific events;
  • publishing activity.


  • Organization of work using new information technologies to provide organizational units and individual employees with information about domestic and foreign achievements of science, technology, economics and advanced production experience in order to increase scientific, technical and economic knowledge of employees and create an external and internal information environment of the organization.
  • Development of draft information work plans in accordance with the profile of the organization and its development prospects.
  • Identification of the needs of managers and specialists of the organization in scientific and technical information necessary for the development of scientific, design and technological projects, making technical and organizational decisions, preparation of scientific events.
  • Organization of information exchange on the achievements of science and technology, collection, systematization, study and generalization of information materials.
    Control over the use of information materials in the divisions of the organization.
  • Development of proposals for the inclusion of technical achievements and advanced production experience, borrowed from the materials of scientific and technical information, in the work plan of the organization.
  • Preparation for the publication of information materials, catalogs and brochures on the products produced by the organization.
  • Organization of INTS participation in various regional, All-Russian and international scientific competitions and exhibitions.
  • Advising authors of discoveries and inventions on patenting and intellectual property protection.
  • Preparation of materials and their submission in accordance with the established procedure to the scientific and technical information bodies, keeping records of the effectiveness of the use of information materials in the organization about the achievements of science and technology, advanced production experience.
  • Promotion of scientific and technical achievements of INTS using information technologies; preparation and presentation of the achievements of the institute at various forums, salons, exhibitions, fairs, conferences; artistic and technical design of scientific publications, advertising products, presentations.
  • Coordination of INTS communication between various organizations, the public, and the media.
  • Editorial and publishing activities.