Employees of the INTS took part in the XVI International scientific and technical conference “MMOR-2019”

May 15-17, 2019 at the Institute of Oceanology. P. P. Shirshova held the XVI international scientific and technical conference “Modern methods and means of Oceanographic research” (MMOR-2019). In this conference from the Institute of natural and technical systems attended by two employees – Ph. D. Gaisky Pavel Vitalievich and Ph. D. Alexander Grekov. Alexander Grekov made an report on the topic “Difference method of determining salinity anomalies based on the results of measurements of SVP and CTD probes” in the section “Hydrophysics”. Paul V. Gai at the conference MSOI-2019 took part in the exhibition of devices and presented a poster on “Experience in the use of distributed turbopropeller”.The results of the conference can be found on the website https://msoi.ocean.ru

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