Distributed THERMOPROPHILEMERS for soil

   Providing automated control of temperature and compound changes in the soil for specified objects and regions will allow obtaining reliable operational information about the depth of freezing, the height of snow cover, the level of surface waters and the dynamics of heat exchange both in seasonal climatic periods and in permafrost conditions. The data obtained will allow predicting climate-related emergencies, the possibility of man-made disasters associated with the collapse of buildings, transport pipelines, floods, methane emissions, etc.

   Distributed modulated sensor conductors are used as thermosensitive elements in thermoprophilometers, which, unlike systems with point temperature sensors, measure simultaneously and continuously along the entire cable laying path. Due to the absence of electronic elements in the sensitive sensor cable, high reliability, durability and ease of installation in hard-to-reach or disposable places are ensured. The protective shell at the request of the customer can be made of metal or PVC tube with an outer diameter of 6 mm and above.


Metrological characteristics

Measured parameter

Measuring range Random error Error rate
Temperature at each site, 0С -40 ÷ 60 ±0,005 ±0,05


Technical characteristics of the basic options

Parameter Meaning
Measuring cable length (measuring base), m 3,2
Spatial resolution (site length), m 0,8 / 0,4 / 0,2 / 0,1
Polling period of all channels, sec от 1
Number of sections in the sensor cable, pcs. 4 / 8 / 16 / 32
Communication distance by cable, m до 1000
Power supply, V 9÷12
Power consumption, W менее 0,5
Overall dimensions of the sensor cable, m от Æ0,006 ´ 3,3
Overall dimensions of the electronics module, mm Æ 50´300