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The program is designed to calculate and construct difference wind shear stress vorticity composites for various phases of global climate modes based on re-analysis data. The results of the calculations can be used to study the manifestations of global climatic modes in the selected region. The main functions of the program are: determination and removal of significant trends in the index series and their verification for stationarity; separation of non-stationary series into two parts: with large and small variance; calculation of the fields of difference composites of ZKNTV, and evaluation of the significance of the received signal; visualization of calculation results. OS: Windows.

Programming Language: Matlab

Computer program size: 340 KB


The invention relates to the field of measuring technology and is intended for use in oceanology and can be used in other fields. A modification of the hydrostatic method is proposed for measuring the local density of a liquid directly in an environment with high external pressure, for example, in the sea at a depth using an oceanological probe. It is based on distributed wired resistor temperature and pressure sensors with three elements of different strain and temperature sensitivity, containing two elements each, in a common soft shell, mounted on local sections of three rods made of a material with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and oriented down the axes of a rectangular coordinate system, secondary resistance difference transducers, analog-digital converters and processor. At the same time, the sensor installation sites are carried out with a length twice the required size of the local density measurement, to represent the resistance profile in a given area, two Walsh-Hadamard functions form a spatial modulation of the two subelements of each sensor element by longitudinal loop laying of wires on the site, measure the resistance difference of the wires with a secondary measuring converter in analog form, convert it into digital form, by solving a system of linear algebraic equations for the three sensitive elements of each sensor, the pressure drop on the local measuring base is determined along each of the coordinate axes as projections of the vertical pressure drop on them, which is determined from the measured and calculated projections, and then the density of the liquid is determined. The technical result is simplification of the implementation and use of the method of measuring local density and increasing the accuracy of measurements.


The invention relates to the field of biology (oceanology, hydrobiology), ecology and environmental protection and is intended for continuous biological monitoring and biological assessment (indication) of the quality of both marine and fresh waters in beach areas, including drinking and wastewater in natural conditions in real time. The automated biosensor early warning system for environmental monitoring of the aquatic environment includes a measuring unit, which additionally has low-inertia channels of temperature, electrical conductivity, hydrostatic pressure (depth), illumination, waves, an inertial navigation system, as well as a vibration sensor, analog or digital information from which is supplied to the coastal hardware and software unit for fixing emergency situations, where it is processed using a specialized program of probabilistic analysis of environmental safety with the formation of several alarm stages and the transmission of alarm signals, which allows you to control and filter out the effects of external interfering factors, such as changes in temperature, salinity (electrical conductivity), illumination, waves, currents and noises affecting the behavioral and/or physiological reactions of aquatic organisms. Technical result: increased operational detection of the effects of external interfering factors affecting the behavioral reactions of aquatic organisms, and their elimination.



The invention relates to a filter for the purification of oily waters containing a housing, pipes for the supply of purified water, the output of separated petroleum products and purified water, metal grids limiting the granular filler, double-sifted sea sand with a particle size of 0.5-1.0 mm is used as a filter loading, an annular perforated collector for the supply is installed in the upper part of the filter housing purified water, which is made in the form of a ring with holes from below, and the total area of the holes is larger than the area of the collector inlet, characterized by the fact that the cylindrical filter housing is made of an all-welded tapering upward, in the upper part of which there is a neck with a thread on the upper part with a diameter smaller than the filter housing for loading filter material, which is closed with a threaded lid and a rubber gasket located in the groove, a nozzle for removing filtered petroleum products and a pressure gauge are installed on the upper surface of the lid, according to there are handles on the sides of the removable lid for its tight tightening on the body, a throttle valve is installed on the inlet pipe of the purified water, the outlet pipe for purified water runs along the filter housing up to the level of the upper filter cover and has a valve for supplying flushing water, while the upper limiting metal mesh is removable and flexible, the collector for the output of purified water is wrapped with a metal mesh with a cell size of 0.5 mm. 2 ill.

The invention relates to devices for the separation of oil-water emulsions and can be used for the purification of marine oil-containing waters, as well as at all industrial enterprises with oil-containing effluents.


The present invention relates to power engineering and is an installation comprising a gas turbine engine with an integrated focusing solar collector and designed to generate electricity and heat. The essence of a solar hybrid gas turbine power plant containing a gas turbine engine, including a compressor, a regenerator, a combustion chamber and a power turbine and operating on a Brighton cycle load with heat recovery, as well as a focusing solar collector, which is located between the regenerator and the combustion chamber, is that the claimed installation additionally contains a turbocharger utilizer consisting of expansion turbines connected by a shaft to a booster compressor, as well as a regenerator and a gas cooler located between them put the squeeze on the compressor., in this case, the regenerator is transferred to the turbocharger utilizer, and the turbocharger utilizer is installed after the power turbine and connected to it only by a gas pipeline. As a result of the implementation of the claimed solution, the efficiency of the gas turbine engine and the focusing solar collector increases. 1 ill.