Software for measuring channels verification

The development and operation of technical means of control is accompanied by calibration and systematic verification of sensors and measuring channels. An integral part of metrological services is the use of specialized software for calculating and preparing for reporting calibration characteristics and coefficients.

Based on the experience of the tasks being solved in the development and maintenance of control and measuring equipment for marine research, a specialized program “VERIFICATION” was created.

   The main functions of the program include:

– input and saving of initial series (up to 100 points) of calibration dependencies (code-value ratio) with the ability to automatically calculate the array-averaged values for X and Y, as well as an additional function for Y (1/Y, lg(Y), ln(Y), exp(Y));

– automatic calculation of calibration coefficients and statistical characteristics (variance, COEX) of the resulting interpolating function (polynomial of 1-9 degree, power, exponential, logarithmic, exponential, hyperbolic) with the display of set and calculated points on graphs;

– possibility of manual step-by-step correction of calculated coefficients with automatic recalculation of results;

– the use of automatic input of reference values into the Y series at the specified coefficients of the polynomial and the zero count of the model means;

– implementation of automatic preparation of the initial data series for verification of the channel of oxygen dissolved in water according to the standard method;

– automatic forward and reverse calculations of the main hydrophysical characteristics of seawater by parameters: pressure, temperature, electrical conductivity, salinity, density, speed of sound, specific volume (with graphical display of the range deviations of the specified and desired values) – for sample preparation and analysis (including using hydrometers);

– output of calculated results in standard text, tabular and graphical formats.

    The developed software functions on a PC with any version of Windows OS and can be used to prepare metrological reports for most tasks related to calibration of measuring channels.