The last stage of grant No. 20-05-00183 has been completed

Interactive system “Indian Ocean Dipole – El Nino-Southern oscillation”: mechanisms and regional manifestations. Project manager – Polonsky A.B. participants – Torbinsky A.V. and Gubarev A.V. On the subject of research for the period from 2020 to 2022. 6 articles were published and 5 reports were made at Russian and international scientific seminars and conferences.
The project is dedicated to the study of the interactive system “Indian Ocean dipole – El Nino–Southern Oscillation” (IOD – ENYUK) and its manifestation in the European region. This system represents one of the main signals in the ocean-atmosphere system on an interannual scale. The interaction of these two modes – ENYUK and IOD is one of the fundamental problems of modern climatology, the relevance of the study of which is beyond doubt. In addition, the influence of IODINE on the climate of Europe, in contrast to its regional manifestations in the countries of the Indian Ocean basin, has not been practically studied, which also indicates the importance of this study.

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