Gaisky Vitaly Alexandrovich


Chief Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

He graduated from the Lviv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in electrical measuring equipment in 1960. He worked on distribution at the Research Institute-2 of the Ministry of Defense in Kalinin (now Tver) in 1960-63, in 1963-66 he studied at the postgraduate Institute of Automation and Telemechanics (Technical Cybernetics) (head P.P. Parkhomenko) in Moscow. He defended his doctoral thesis in 1982 at MEPhI.

Since 1966, he worked at the Moscow State University of NASU, since 2015 at the INTS.

Gaisky V.A.’s works relate to the field of instrumentation and information technology, devoted to various issues of creating and improving automated environmental control systems. These are more than 300 scientific publications, including 4 monographs and 75 inventions.

The theoretical results obtained by him include the following works:

On the reliability of systems.

Analysis of methodological measurement errors (sampling errors) of random processes and fields.

On the improvement of wired tele-measuring systems.

On providing tools accuracy.

To reduce the sampling error of processes and fields.

On data archiving.

To improve the performance of computing facilities.

As a responsible executor or scientific supervisor of projects and thus directly participated in the development, practical implementation and implementation of the communication ring and equipment of the SPRINT system-instrument interface (1972-77) for research vessels of the Institute, towed guided measuring complexes Nyrok–2 (1970), Gals–1 (1972), Gals–2 (1975), Gals–3 (1985), hydrological sounding complexes of the “Microprobe” series (1971-1998), hydrolog–optical probe “Scalar” (1973); hydro–chemical probes Istok-7 (1990); Istok-8 (1992), GCZ-1 (2007), a series of distributed Walsh thermoprophilemers (1980-2007), 9th generation of MGI devices: a set of equipment for marine coastal hydrometeorological station “Breeze” as part of the STD-sea level meter, hydrological module, transparency meter, wave parameter meter and central module with industrial PC (2007), portable meters the flow rates of acoustic IST–1 (2005-2007) and thermoanemometric IST–2 (2005), bioelectronic complexes for detecting water toxicity (2008-2016).

They proposed original technical solutions for temperature meters, electrical conductivity of liquid, liquid level, thermal anemometers, probing, towed and stationary measuring complexes.

He took an active part in the creation of automated oceanographic systems on MGI vessels and the development of concepts for the construction of a subsystem of the sea and river-based State Ecological Information System of the USSR (1991) and the automated system of environmental control of waters of Ukraine (1997).

Founder of the international scientific and technical seminar “Environmental Control Systems”, a collection of scientific papers and the journal “Environmental Control Systems”.